Submissions Needed

Everyday Strange is always looking for guest post submissions for the Strange Events and Places category to feature on the last Friday of each month. Submissions for the Strange Wednesdays Category are welcome as well.

Guidelines for Strange Events/Places Submissions

The subject matter can be a historical site, zoo, garden, festival, concert, convention or other place of interest that you find unusual or unexpected. I’m really looking forward to seeing the unique places you have been! Each submission should have:

1. Two or three paragraph description of the event or site visited.

2. A link to the site’s website if available, and any other sources you cited while writing your submission.

3. At least 4-5 high quality photos of the site visited, taken by you. They don’t need to be taken with a fancy camera, all of mine are taken with a camera phone. My main criteria is that they are not blurry, and show the subject matter clearly.

4. 2-3 facts about you/your blog that I can use to introduce your guest post.

Guidelines for Strange Wednesdays Submissions:

1-2 paragraphs about the subject of your choice, with one clear photo or a collage of photos taken by you. Can be anything from a book, movie, recipe, project, short story, poem, anything you’d like share!

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