Strange Writing: Two Sentence Horror Story

Unlike most people, the prospect of spring's arrival filled me with not with hope and excitement, but apprehension and dread. Every day I stared at the small mound of dirt in my backyard, knowing it wasn't just the ground that was thawing.


Strange Writing: Quadrille

My arrival will freeze you with fright I am a daughter of the night Your fortune cannot balance my scales The sight of my sword will make you wail I do not offer praise like the rest Only revenge, with a kiss of death ******** Thank you Dverse for the prompt!

Strange Writing: Haibun

The first time I saw death outside of a funeral home was 11:57 on a Tuesday. I was walking down the street near my office building when I spot two officers up ahead. They are standing by a man laying in the middle of the sidewalk. It's slushy and cold. An ambulance pulls up, no... Continue Reading →

Strange Writing: Haibun

I used to have a demon living at the base of my spine. When she felt like it, she would pierce my skin with a sharpened claw, cut a slit open, force her way out and crawl slowly up my back. She would cut the skin at the base of my skull and slide her... Continue Reading →

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