Strange Writing: Haiku

tonight is formal stars dressed with a faint shimmer the moon a thin veil


Strange Writing: Cascade Poem

dark smoke gathers hoof steps thump the ground stone angels weep   the ground glows red before me sparks fly into the night dark smoke gathers   a long exhale fans my cheek a guttural snort rumbles in my ear hoofsteps thump the ground   long horns spiral into the night black eyes meet my... Continue Reading →

Strange Writing: Cascade Poem

I come from dark places Old books with dusty pages My imagination filling empty spaces   I am the soft sighs of wise sages The clink of keys unlocking dank cages I come from dark places   I am crimson roses in black vases Piercing stares from solemn faces Old books with dusty pages  ... Continue Reading →

Strange Writing: Quadrille

Things That Will Predict Your Future A World upside down reveals woe The Ace of Cups spills your loss long ago The scales of Justice could put things right since Death appeared in the night A pair of swords weighed you down With 5 stacked Cups peace can be found   *************** Today's post fulfills two... Continue Reading →

Strange Writing: Villanelle

You're the light, you're the light I am, I am, a little wicked You're the night, you're the night   Take me past our satellites Just like you said, just like you said You're the light, you're the light   Black out the world, I will not fight Hands red, hands red You're the night,... Continue Reading →

Strange Writing: Senryu

my fingers retreat and curl into the warm spot your hand abandoned ********** Today's challenge for NaPoWriMo was to write a sad poem with simple words, using this poem by Craig Morgan Teicher as an example. I hope I succeeded!

Strange Writing: Haiku

a wink from earth makes the bashful moon smile and blush *********** Photo credit, which also has a great explanation of the earthshine phenomenon.

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