Strange Writing: Freeform

The "Witch" Store The faint scent of incense always greets me when I step through your open door To browse around the three small rooms filled with sage, crystals dreamcatchers tarot cards Walls lined with Mystical art And preserved exotic insects I never really need anything here But your smile And kind words keeps bringing... Continue Reading →


Strange Writing: Freeform

My thoughts are so disorganized My words are scattered Spread among Papers Notebooks Maybe someday I will gather them up Publish them in a book

Strange Writing: Freeform

when self doubt creeps in it starts off light just a few flakes building to a light flurry steadily increasing to an inch an hour a full on blizzard and if I don't get up and shovel the snowfall of my mind I'll be stuck in the house for days ********** Thank you Go Dog... Continue Reading →

Strange Writing: Haibun

City Commute I don't miss much about my old city commute. Driving 40 minutes to the train station, cold waits on the platform. Sweating under layers while being pressed on all sides by strange shoulders. Pushing back out into the cold. Trudging eight blocks to the office. Peeling the layers off. Tugging them back on... Continue Reading →

Strange Writing: 3 Line Tale

It was a worst case scenario, setting sail as winter barreled towards the island. The braying of the gulls felt like an ominous warning. Unfortunately, the waves of undead sailors crawling onto the beach from the heavy cruiser half sunk off shore left me no other choice. ******** photo by Lalo via Unsplash Thanks to Sonya, who... Continue Reading →

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