Strange Writing: Haiku

once a cozy home I brush away the remnants of frozen empty strands


Strange Wednesdays: A Little Vindication

This week I've received some fantastic news. I've been waiting for weeks to find out whether or not I've received a promotion at work, and have finally been notified that I got the job. The application process was surreal, I applied via a video recording, and received an email confirming that I had been awarded... Continue Reading →

Strange Wednesdays: When Autumn Meets Winter

Thanksgiving is one of those transitional holidays, marking the unofficial end of Fall, although the winter solstice won't occur until December 21st. It's one of the few holidays that remains largely unspoiled by retailers, who haven't figured out how to monetize it like they do so many other holidays. Consequently, Thanksgiving is often breezed over... Continue Reading →

Strange Wednesdays: Happy Halloween!

The buildup to Halloween has kept me pretty busy this week. I spent most of the past weekend combing stores for Halloween steals, my favorite finds being a set of cheese knives with femur bone handles, and a Sally figurine to finally pair with my Jack Skellington. Sunday night I cheered the Red Sox as... Continue Reading →

Strange Wednesdays: Busted

Well, you've caught me, with no post prepared because I spent all of last night watching the Red Sox face the Dodgers in game one of the World Series. Although I live in Charlotte, North Carolina, I grew up outside of Boston, and still remain a dedicated fan. Instead, I'll leave you with a snippet... Continue Reading →

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