Strange Wednesdays: Changes and Coasters

I've decided to combine Monday's Strange Events and Weird at Work Wednesday's into Strange Wednesday's. I felt like I was starting to really limit myself as far as content, and wanted to have one set day a week dedicated to all sorts of strange and odd things. Projects, food, cocktails, sights, anything really, along with... Continue Reading →

Strange Wednesdays: Friendly Faces

I've been very busy at work preparing for a visit from our corporate office on top of my usual work, and the additional tasks mixed with client complaints has worn me out a little. Fortunately I always have one friendly face by my side. It's a stress ball shaped like a cow that I won at... Continue Reading →

Strange Wednesdays: Winter is Coming

This week for me is just one big countdown to the Game of Thrones season premiere. I've been listening to the season 6 soundtrack on my way to work every morning while drinking coffee out of my favorite Tyrion Lannister mug, and either wearing my raven lapel pin or elaborate black jewelry. I've spent my lunch... Continue Reading →

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