Strange Wednesdays: Sinister Countdown

Fellow blogger The Ink Owl is featuring Halloween themed flash fiction, poetry, and recipes all month, and I'm excited that some of my work has already been featured. My short story The Preserve (with a new ending) and a horror haiku have both been included in The Ink Owl's Sinister Countdown. Strange Happenings This Week:... Continue Reading →


Strange Wednesdays: Autumn Nostalgia

Every year I make a point to go apple picking. Partially for the apples, but mostly out of a desire to recreate a little piece of my childhood. It's the smell that I'm really looking for.  The scent of fallen fruit fermenting on the ground, mixed with trampled grass and fresh air. It always transports me right back... Continue Reading →

Strange Wednesdays: Eclipse Glow

This time last year much of United States was abuzz with anticipation for The Great North American Eclipse. Here in North Carolina, we experienced 99% totality, meaning the sun was covered almost completely by the moon. Although we didn't experience the darkness you would see with 100% totality (that 1% makes a big difference) everyone gathered on... Continue Reading →

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