Strange Wednesdays: National Volunteer Week

National Volunteer Week is dedicated to showing appreciation for and promoting volunteering in all forms. Taking place this year from April 15th to April 22nd, National Volunteer Week was originally created in Canada to recognize the contribution made by women in Word War II. It was established in The United States in 1974, and is... Continue Reading →


Strange Wednesdays: Once in a Lifetime

Last week I read a post by Nel at Reactionary Tales that jogged a memory for me. It was about endangered North Atlantic Right Whales, and the part that struck me the most was how few are left in the wild (300-350). Because I've seen them. When I was in elementary school, I went on... Continue Reading →

Strange Wednesdays: Submissions Needed

It's a new month, and Everyday Strange is looking for guest bloggers! Every month I post at least one guest post on the last Friday of the month. The full set of guidelines are here, and I want to encourage bloggers of all kinds to submit. Have an interesting story, poem, recipe, or experience you... Continue Reading →

Strange Wednesdays: The Winter Betrayal

As my coworker wryly observed two weeks ago, "Winter has betrayed us." In North Carolina, we have gone from 72 and sunny in February to snow showers by mid March. The snow showed up, unpredicted and decidedly unwelcome, briefly covering flower beds and branches before being banished by the noontime sun. Since then, the weather... Continue Reading →

Strange Wednesdays: Stargazing

I'm on vacation all week, and I've already taken a road trip from Charlotte, NC to Fort Myers, Florida. The trip was a great opportunity not only to visit friends and family, but to take some extra time to stargaze as well. In addition to my usual moon sightings, I managed to catch a glimpse... Continue Reading →

Strange Wednesdays: Eerie Entertainment

I'm eagerly awaiting the return of The Walking Dead this Sunday, and in the spirit of ghoulish and macabre entertainment, wanted to share a piece of flash nonfiction by fellow blogger Jeff Cann. Jeff's blog The Other Stuff features personal essays and creative nonfiction on topics including mental health, cultural commentary and parenting. Give him a... Continue Reading →

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