Strange Wednesdays: Smoke and Ashes

The first month my husband and I lived in our current neighborhood, we watched a house across road from us burn to the ground. The scent of smoke began to pervade the street around 8pm, and at first, could have been mistaken for a campfire or barbeque. Soon the air became hazier and it was... Continue Reading →


Strange Wednesdays: Star Wars at the Symphony

This past weekend I attended a screening of Star Wars; A New Hope hosted by the Charlotte Symphony Orchestra. Just like a previous showing I attended last November of Home Alone,  the orchestra performed the soundtrack live. Once again, it was a fantastic experience. Every time I see John Williams's music performed live, I really... Continue Reading →

Strange Wednesdays: Shades of Grey

At the end of winter it can sometimes feel like spring is a fairytale instead of a season. We have the expectation that winter will immediately give away to warmer days but the reality is for many, spring is weeks of rain punctured by a few days of sun and flowers. Things have felt especially... Continue Reading →

Strange Wednesdays: Spring Training

When I was young and still attended church regularly, Lent was a big deal. I remember a priest referring to it as Spring Training for Catholics. I would get my forehead anointed on  Ash Wednesday with my Grandparents, and discuss at length with my sisters what to give up for the six weeks of sacrifice.... Continue Reading →

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