Strange Places: Cape Cod Canal

The main attraction that draws tourists to Cape Cod every summer are the beaches. And while there are many beautiful ones to choose from, there is another notable landmark worth visiting. The Cape Cod Canal stretches seven miles across the neck of Cape Cod, connecting Buzzards Bay to the Atlantic Ocean. Not only is it... Continue Reading →


Strange Places: On the Street

Branching off from last week's post about street photography and my impromptu photo contest, I rounded up some street sights of my own. From strolling on vacation, my old commute in Boston, to wandering locally in Charlotte, NC, here are some of the unique sights I've spotted from the street. Don't forget to enter your... Continue Reading →

Strange Places: Street Art

I love seeing street art. There is something amazing about how even a small sculpture, mural, or statue can breath new life into a drab street corner. Whether a functional piece that doubles as park benches, or an elaborate installation, art always has the power to transform the landscape around us. Parking Garage in Charlotte,... Continue Reading →

Strange Places: Rooms With a View

If some of my recent posts haven't tipped you off, I've been on vacation this week. I spent part of this past week at Myrtle Beach with my husband and some family, and it was a fantastic, relaxing beach vacation. One pleasant surprise on this trip was discovering upon arrival at the hotel that although... Continue Reading →

Strange Places: The Many Legged Menagerie

I've mentioned once before that my sister owns a tarantula named Irene Adler, and they both lived with my husband and I for a brief period of time. Since then, my sister has started an Instagram account @irene.the.tarantula, documenting Irene's daily activities as her human underling. Her newer pets, a second tarantula and a peppered... Continue Reading →

Strange Places: Close to Home V

My day job has been busy this week, and although most of it has been positive, it has been a little draining. Fortunately, the arrival of spring has brought all sorts of little critters that brighten my work week mornings. From a nefarious wasp staring me down while my coffee brews to the loudest bird... Continue Reading →

Strange Places: Memory Lane

I wrote on Wednesday about a blog post that brought back some childhood memories. The kind that you appreciate more looking back on then you did when you were in the moment. This week I found a few photos of some of those memories to share, I'd love to hear about some of yours! Horseshoe... Continue Reading →

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