Strange Places: Fort Myers

I have been shut in my house for two weeks, battling the flu and hiding from the plummeting temperatures. Since I haven't been on any new adventures, I decided to dig up some some sunshine from a trip I took to Florida in 2009 with my husband to visit some of my in-laws We spent... Continue Reading →


Strange Events: Looking Back

It's been almost a year since I starting this blog as a way to refocus on more positive things after facing down a pretty tough year in 2016. And it's been amazing. Writing this blog has pushed me to enjoy all the wonderfully weird places, experiences, and people around me, and made 2017 more positive,... Continue Reading →

Strange Places: Southwick Zoo

I love visiting zoos that make use of the natural setting that they are located in, vs. zoos that have completely man made, fabricated habitats. The Southwick Zoo in Mendon, MA makes great use of the woodsy 200 acres it occupies, with leafy shaded habitats for the exotic animals residing there. The largest habitat is... Continue Reading →

Strange Places: Charlotte Motor Speedway

The Charlotte Motor Speedway is mainly known for hosting NASCAR races like the Coca-Cola 600, but it is also known in Charlotte for its massive Christmas lights display. The racetrack has hosted a Christmas lights display for eight years, but only in the last four has it grown into a full-blown light show coordinated with... Continue Reading →

Strange Places: World’s End

World’s End is a gorgeous 251 acre park located on peninsula in Hingham, MA. Surrounded by Hingham Harbor on one side, and the Weir River on the other,  it was originally set aside as a residential area in the 1890's, but no homes were ever built. However, carriage roads were built with trees planted alongside them, leaving four... Continue Reading →

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