Strange Places: Discovery Place

Discovery Place is a science museum here in Charlotte, NC primarily dedicated to engaging and promoting an interest in science in children. Which does not stop me, a 32 year old childless adult, from going. Their temporary exhibits are always fascinating, most recently featuring an in-depth look at the science behind some of the oddities and record... Continue Reading →

Strange Places: Neighborhood Trails 

I'm very fortunate that my neighborhood has several walking trails to enjoy. This week I have several odd sightings from my walks this week, next week I'll be back with a lengthier post. I've been a little drained from by my day job, but expect a post on sights at Gettysburg next week!

Strange Places: Highway 49

This week is a little different, because I'm highlighting a roadway instead of a destination.  Highway 49 is a part of a connector with Highway 64 that creates the shortest driving distance between Charlotte and Raleigh, the two largest cities in North Carolina. Starting in South Carolina, it winds past sprawling farms, rivers, lakes, and... Continue Reading →

Strange Places: North Carolina Zoo

Located on 500 acres of land in the Uwharrie mountains, the North Carolina Zoo is one of the largest zoos to feature all natural habitats in the United States.  The size of the habitats for the larger animals is incredible, and all of the habitats are filled with natural features such as trees, water, rocks... Continue Reading →

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