Strange Images: Flashback Friday

As Charlotte slowly thaws out from winter, I'm looking back at some of the places I explored last year, and planning new excursions. Around this time last year, I visited Körner's Folly, a historical home in North Carolina in the midst of a renovation. It was a fascinating visit, and I'm looking for more places... Continue Reading →


Strange Places: For the Birds

One thing that almost every zoo has in common is birds. Whether they are the main attraction, one of many exhibits, or merely wandering the grounds, every Zoo has them. Often overlooked in favor of larger animals, they are every bit as interesting as the larger animals that usually overshadow them. This week I've rounded... Continue Reading →

Strange Places: Fall Arrival

Halloween may have come and gone, but it feels like fall is just arriving here in Charlotte. Every year it feels like summer's heat and humidity cling to us a little longer. I wake up one day to find that fall has finally shaken it them off and replaced them with foggy mornings and shades... Continue Reading →

Strange Places: Salem, Massachusetts

Salem, Massachusetts may be well known for it's history of witch trials, but it also has a rich literary history as well. Salem was the birthplace and home of Nathaniel Hawthorne, author of the Scarlett letter.  Hawthorne lived in four houses during his lifetime in Salem, and to me the most interesting one is at... Continue Reading →

Strange Places: Bat Exhibits

Every time I visit a zoo, I make a point to visit the bat exhibit. Bats have captivated me since childhood. My sisters and I would watch for them to fly over our backyard, and throw little stones up in the air, attempting to fool them into thinking they were insects to get them to... Continue Reading →

Strange Places: Land of Oz

When I first saw pictures of Land of Oz, a theme park hidden on the side of Beech Mountain in North Carolina, it seemed like the perfect place to kick off my month long celebration of Halloween. Misty, dreary pictures of an abandoned yellow brick road made it seem like an eerie, haunted place to... Continue Reading →

Strange Places: Flood Plain

I wish I could say the above picture was from a relaxing weekend at Myrtle Beach, spent relaxing on the beach and catching up on submissions. Unfortunately, it was the single bright moment in a 24 hour nightmare. I scheduled my trip to Myrtle beach back in late July, planning to use the time to... Continue Reading →

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