Strange Places: Lizzie Borden House

Before I moved from Massachusetts to North Carolina, I created a bucket list of places to see and things to do before I left. Among the beaches, historical sights, and all the restaurants I wanted to eat at one more time was the Lizzie Borden House. An infamous home in Fall River, it is known for both being... Continue Reading →


Strange Places: Close to Home II

I always have a great time documenting my weekend adventures with my camera, but some of my most interesting photos are captured either going to or coming from work. Something about the quiet early mornings and occasional late nights lend themselves to spotting all kinds of interesting things. From towering thunderclouds to tiny snails, Venus aligning with... Continue Reading →

Strange Places: Close to Home

I've had a busy week at work, so my post this week is a bit short. Fortunately strange little critters pop up right around my own house on occasion. Enjoy a few shots of the creatures I've found crawling up my driveway and my storm door, and I will be back with new adventures next... Continue Reading →

Strange Places: St. John

When I visited St. John a few years ago, I made plans to take a guided group hike through a nature preserve that would end with a swim at a small beach. I was expecting to see local flowers, birds, and if I was lucky, a wild tarantula.  When our group rounded the final curve... Continue Reading →

Strange Places: Discovery Place

Discovery Place is a science museum here in Charlotte, NC primarily dedicated to engaging and promoting an interest in science in children. Which does not stop me, a 32 year old childless adult, from going. Their temporary exhibits are always fascinating, most recently featuring an in-depth look at the science behind some of the oddities and record... Continue Reading →

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