Strange Images: Macro Photography

I love taking evening walks after work on the trails behind my house, always on the lookout for animal sightings. I love all the detail you can see in this little snail's shell, even though it was barely larger than a dime.


Strange Images: Deep Roots

One of my favorite places to visit here in Charlotte is the Latta Plantation Nature Preserve. I’ve written about my visits to the preserve before, and the thing I love about going back is that that something new always catches my eye. Sprawling over 1,460 acres with 16 miles of trails, it is the perfect place to... Continue Reading →

Strange Images: Purple Rain

Along with the warmer temperatures and greenery spring will bring, I'm looking forward to the thunderstorms. Particularly the ones that happen right before sunset. The sky turns all sorts of fantastic colors, like this purple I captured last year, and I love hearing the rumble of thunder and rustling of leaves while I sit on... Continue Reading →

Strange Images: Back Alley Deals

Operating for over 200 years, Brattle Book Store is one of Boston's original book shops. My fist visit was my Sophomore year of high school, after completing the Walk for Hunger. I went back again and again, as a college student, and later as a young professional working in Boston. Each visit follows the same... Continue Reading →

Strange Images: Spring Awakening

Although we are still in the final weeks of winter, Spring is trying hard to arrive early here in Charlotte. Despite the cold rainy days, trees are blooming, and daffodils are pushing up from the ground. The rain has made it difficult to capture any good photos, so I leave you instead with greenery (okay,... Continue Reading →

Strange Images: Circling Overhead

Initially I thought these were bats circling in the distance, but they are a kettle of black vultures. There has been a lot of complaints regarding the increased vulture population in my neighborhood, but I don't mind them. I find them to be incredibly fascinating, and unappreciated.

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