Strange Images: Off Center

Sometimes imperfections are infinitely more interesting.


Strange Images: Leaf Footed Bug

A large leaf footed bug is something I would expect to find crawling up the side of my office building in August, not the end of November. I admire it's resilience against the weather (only twenty two degrees outside!) but now that I know it will emit loud noises and a foul odor as forms... Continue Reading →

Strange Images: Daily Reminder

I leave this on my nightstand as a daily reminder to keep writing and taking risks. I bought it last year at an antique mall lined with stalls stocked with wares from various artists and small businesses. Don't forget to support small businesses this weekend!

Strange Images: Firebird

Installed in front of the Bechtler Museum of Modern Art in 2009, The Firebird was designed by Niki de Saint Phalle and is covered in over 7,500 pieces of mirrored and colored glass. The lights in Uptown Charlotte really make it shimmer at night.

Strange Images: The Quarry

Entry area to a local haunted house, Scarrigan Farms. During the Halloween season it gets an eerie Crystal Lake treatment, but the rest of the year it serves as the backdrop to wedding receptions.

Strange Images: Jaws of Doom

I've always been drawn to carnivorous plants, particularly Venus Fly Traps. The idea of plants that eat other things is just morbidly fascinating to me. Unfortunately they can be difficult to care for, so I have to settle for visiting them at the UNC Botanical Garden, where I snapped this photo.

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