Strange Events: WWII Cinderella

Earlier this year I attended a performance Matthew Bourne's Cinderella, and it was fantastic. I have been a huge fan of Matthew Borne and his ballet company New Adventures since I saw their production of Sleeping Beauty on tour in 2013, and The Red Shoes in 2017. Matthew Bourne’s productions are known to feature avant-garde storylines, in... Continue Reading →


Strange Events: Year in Review

I am still amazed at the transformation this blog has undertaken in the past year. I went from merely aspiring to get back into creative writing to posting three to four pieces a week. While looking back at my most successful posts, I realized that they all had a personal element that made them resonate.... Continue Reading →

Strange Events: First Snowfalls

The first snowfall of the season is always exciting, although the first snow we had here in Charlotte was less than picturesque, snow mixed with a miserable freezing rain. This got me searching back through my old pictures fore some of the more ideal first snows I've experienced. The one shown above was taken in... Continue Reading →

Strange Events: First Snowfall

My visit back to Massachusetts has been bittersweet. I traveled back this week for the funeral of my husband's stepfather, and although saying goodbye was difficult, there were a few silver linings. Visiting with family, eating favorite foods we can't find down in North Carolina, and a literal one, the first snowfall of the year... Continue Reading →

Strange Events: Star Wars in Concert

Two years ago I hit the pinnacle of Star Wars fandom at the Charlotte Symphony, taking in a performance showcasing music from all seven films. Conductor Christopher James Lees took pauses between some of the pieces to give the audience background and insight to some of the pieces featured. I personally gained a new appreciation for Rey's... Continue Reading →

Strange Wednesdays: Accent Color

For the longest time, my company instituted a very strict dress code, only allowing black suits, and pastel or white shirts. Despite preferring to wear black on a regular basis, the rules still felt incredible restrictive. About three years ago the dress code was amended dramatically. Not only were we allowed to wear any colors we wanted, sweaters and more... Continue Reading →

Strange Events: Monday Night Raw

This past Monday I attended a taping of Monday Night Raw, the WWE's flagship show airing weekly on USA. The show is part sport, part scripted drama, with a fan base that exudes as much enthusiasm as a science fiction franchise like Star Wars or Dr. Who. It was an interesting change watching the show... Continue Reading →

Strange Places: Night Creatures II

Every evening my husband and I go for a walk on the trail that runs through an undeveloped swath of our neighborhood. Partly for exercise, but also to look for the wildlife that creeps out once the sun begins to set. This week we've spotted funky beetles, sleek dragonflies, a box turtle, a large king... Continue Reading →

Strange Event: Earthshine

Every Wednesday I post four things to look forward to, an offbeat holiday, an astronomy event, a new movie or TV show, and a volunteer opportunity. Out of the four, my favorite one to research is the astronomy event. I'm always looking for something anyone can spot with the naked eye, no special equipment needed.... Continue Reading →

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