Strange Events: June 5th – 11th

Today I'm trying out something new here on Everyday Strange. I usually try to set myself up with something to look forward to long term, like a vacation or tickets to a show, but often those are events that are far into the future. I've been challenge myself to find things to look forward to... Continue Reading →

Strange Events: Wrestlemania and Women

Almost every major sporting event becomes an excuse for my sister, my husband and I to spent the entire day eating junk food, drinking, and filling out prop bet sheets to compete for bragging rights. Doesn't matter if it's the super bowl, a boxing match, or the Kentucky Derby, we eat, booze, and track obscure... Continue Reading →

Chicken Flautas and Game Night

 Since I'm an introvert, I also tend to be more of a homebody. Dispite this, I am still always looking for new things to break up my routine. This weekend, it was actually a mix of old and new that broke me out of my typical rut of dvr'd Dateline episodes. I spotted the original... Continue Reading →

Eight Legged Roommate 

My sister is living with my husband and I temporarily, but she wasn't the only roommate we gained when she moved in. Her tarantula Irene Adler came as well. Ever since they moved in I've been determined to snap a picture of Irene capturing a cricket for dinner. Last night was the closest I've come... Continue Reading →

Music From a Galaxy Far Far Away

Last weekend I hit the pinnacle of Star Wars fandom at the Charlotte Symphony, taking in a performance showcasing music from all seven films. Conductor Christopher James Lees took pauses between some of the pieces to give the audience background and insight to some of the pieces featured.  I personally gained a new appreciation for... Continue Reading →

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