Strange Event: Earthshine

Every Wednesday I post four things to look forward to, an offbeat holiday, an astronomy event, a new movie or TV show, and a volunteer opportunity. Out of the four, my favorite one to research is the astronomy event. I'm always looking for something anyone can spot with the naked eye, no special equipment needed.... Continue Reading →


Strange Events: The Night Creatures

Every evening my husband and I go for a walk on the trail that runs through an undeveloped swath of our neighborhood. Partly for exercise, but also to look for the wildlife that creeps out once the sun begins to set. We usually see rabbits and the occasional snake, but this past week we've noticed... Continue Reading →

Strange Events: Japanese Tea Ceremony

When I was a senior in college I attended a two week study tour in Hawaii. The collage had lectures for us to attend and activities planned, including visiting Pearl Harbor, a replica of a Japanese temple, and an art museum. One surprise on the trip was attending a Japanese Tea Ceremony on campus. Scheduled... Continue Reading →

Strange Events: Storm Chasing

I don't necessarily hope that fog or storm clouds will interrupt my vacations, but I do find them mesmerizing when they show up. This week I've put together a collection of the most captivating storm clouds I've captured during a few different trips. Long Beach, California Nassau, Bahamas Cabo San Lucas, Mexico Mansfield, Massachusetts Honolulu,... Continue Reading →

Strange Events: Looking Back

It's been almost a year since I starting this blog as a way to refocus on more positive things after facing down a pretty tough year in 2016. And it's been amazing. Writing this blog has pushed me to enjoy all the wonderfully weird places, experiences, and people around me, and made 2017 more positive,... Continue Reading →

Strange Event: Repticon

Last weekend I accompanied my sister on an unusual shopping trip. Instead of work shoes or year round Halloween decorations, we were shopping for a new pet. We arrived at Repticon with one objective, searching through the numerous offerering of twenty plus vendors for either a Mexican curly haired or Brazilian black tarantula. Until my... Continue Reading →

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