Strange Acoustics: The Night We Met

I am always looking for acoustic covers of my favorite songs, and Cimorelli's ethereal cover of Lord Huron's The Night We Met is perfect. The dreamy vocals and sun drenched video leave me with a nice warm glow, despite the melancholy tone of the song.


Strange Acoustics: Olsen Olsen

No band personifies winter more for me than Sigur Ros, and not just because they are from Iceland. Their sound is an atmospheric mix of dreamy vocals and avant-guard sounds just remind me of falling snow and winter landscapes. This clip is part of a documentary, Heima, that features footage of the band from two... Continue Reading →

Strange Acoustics: Too Much

I'd say The Spice Girls are a guilty pleasure of mine, but that would imply I feel some sort of shame for listening to their music (I don't). If I had to pick a favorite song, it would be their 1997 hit Too Much, which just turned 20 years old this past December. I stumbled... Continue Reading →

Strange Acoustics: Auld Lang Syne

By the time this is posted New Years Eve celebrations will be well underway around the world, and no song will be more played during them than Auld Lang Syne. Originally a Scottish poem set to the tune of a traditional folk song, it became a Scottish tradition to sing on New Years Eve, funerals,... Continue Reading →

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