Strange Writing: Elfchen

blush shaky hands shiver, stammer, stumble sorry, it’s not love poison ****** Thank you Go Dog Go Cafe for today's prompt, writing an Elfchen.

Strange Acoustics: Perfect 10

Gymnast Katelyn Ohashi is setting the internet on fire with the floor routine she performed at the Collegiate Challenge in Anaheim this past Saturday. Set to a head bopping Michael Jackson, Tina Turner and Earth, Wind & Fire medley, her stunning routine is the culmination of a return to the sport from injury, self doubt... Continue Reading →

Strange Acoustics: The Hu

YouTube sensation The Hu is not your average heavy metal band. The Mongolian musicians mix western rock music with ornate traditional instruments and throat singing to create their own unique sound. The group has amassed millions of views for their videos, and is planning and albums release this spring. Their goal is to "talk to... Continue Reading →

Strange Acoustics: Virtual Sea Shanties

My husband has always been a casual gamer, and not long after I started starting dating him, I developed into quite a video game backseat driver. So far, my favorite game is the one he is currently playing, Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag. Essentially, it's a pirate game where you play the captain, and acquire... Continue Reading →

Strange Acoustics: Sad Jingle Bells

I wrote last Wednesday about my preference for breaking up Christmas carols with songs that remind me of winter. Toms Mucenieks is well known on YouTube for rearranging sad versions of classic songs, and his morose version of Jingle Bells is another one you can mix in to break up all those cheerful Christmas tunes.... Continue Reading →

Strange Acoustics: Edward Scissorhands

I have been a huge fan of Matthew Borneand his ballet company New Adventures since I saw their production of Sleeping Beauty on tour in 2013. Matthew Bourne’s productions are known to feature avant-garde storylines, such as a gender swap production of swan lake and a ballet adaptation of the movie Edward Scissorhands. The ballet version... Continue Reading →

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