Strange Acoustics: She Wolf

Sometimes slowing a song down can let you appreciate it a little more, which is exactly what this rare acoustic performance of She Wolf by Megadeth does.


Strange Acoustics: Yellow

I love when the right song complements a scene in a movie and gives it a deeper meeting. I haven't seen Crazy Rich Asians yet, but when I read about the soundtrack, particularly Katherine Ho's cover of Coldplay's Yellow, I was intrigued. Initially, Coldplay was against using the song in the movie, as it can... Continue Reading →

Strange Acoustics: Chop Suey

I never thought that if I found a good cover of System of a Down's Chop Suey, it would be played on a white Baroque Baby Grand Piano in a Bosendorger Showroom. But that's exactly what Ukrainian pianist Vika does. All of the arrangements for her video's are written by her, and posts some on... Continue Reading →

Strange Acoustics: Hurt

In the final stage of his career, Johnny Cash recorded a series of albums covering  popular songs from a range of musicians. Arguable the most successful was American IV: The Man Comes around, producing Cash's final hit song before he passed away on Sept. 12th, 2003. Cash's cover of Hurt, originally recorded by Nine Inch Nails and written by lead singer Trent Reznor. The... Continue Reading →

Strange Acoustics: Nessun Dorma

Aretha Franklin may have been known as the Queen of Soul, but her most famous performance was easily her last minute 1998 Grammy stand in for Luciano Pavarotti. Pavarotti didn't notify Grammy producer Ken Ehrlich that he was too sick to perform Nessun Dorma until ten minutes after the show had started. Suddenly in desperate... Continue Reading →

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