Strange Acoustics: Let It Be

Set in the tumultuous 1960s, Across the Universe is a surreal look at love, loss, and self discovery centered around the music of the Beatles. Although many of the musical sequences are dizzying dreamlike fantasies, the film is grounded with sobering moments of reality, including one standout scene set to Let It Be. Director Julie... Continue Reading →

Strange Acoustics: Rains of Castamere

Aside from the main title music, no song is more featured in Game of Thrones than The Rains of Castamere. With lyrics lifted directly from the book, it tells the story of a victory by Tywin Lannister over a rebellious House, and was memorably used as as a foreboding hint of foreshadowing in the tragic... Continue Reading →

Strange Acoustics: It Ain’t Me Babe

There are more than a few singers currently on the radio that I suspect wouldn't sound quite as impressive performing live. For a long time I assumed the Kesha was one of those of those singers. However, her 2016 performance of It Ain't Me Babe at the Billboard music awards definitely proved me wrong. As... Continue Reading →

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