I started Every Strange as a New Years resolution to prove to myself that you can still be interesting even if you wear a suit to work. I’m always on the hunt for unusual places to visit, events to attend, and entertainment to break up my workweek. Ultimately, all of these things inspired me to get back into creative writing, and this blog has become a home for my poetry and short stories, along side the quotes, places, and music that inspire me.

There are five different types of posts you can expect to see here at Everyday Strange:

Muse of the Day: An offbeat inspirational or just unusual quote. I loosely stick to a theme each week, and will choose just about anything that strikes my interest.

Strange Acoustics: Each Sunday I choose a different musical performance to feature. In the past I’ve written about everything from classical musicians covering pop songs, ballet and ice skating paired with alt rock, and avant-garde musicians.

Strange Wednesdays: These are my middle of the week free for all posts. Designed to give you a little boost when the week is starting to feel long, they give you one weird thing to brighten your day, and four other things to look forward too. I always include a new show or movie starting that week, astronomy event that gives you a reason to look up, unusual holiday to celebrate, online journal to read and an online volunteer opportunity to make the most out of your down time.

Strange Places/Events: Every Friday I write about a strange place I’ve visited or event I’ve attended. Goldmines, Russian submarines, burlesque shows, all kinds of odd things. Sometimes I feature the strange details of a widely traveled place, and occasionally just something well known that really surpassed my expectations. Occasionally I’ll share the unusual sites in my day to day life.

Strange Writing: All of my creative writing. Poetry, flash fiction, and short stories. Typical subjects are horror, alienation, and nature, but I do occasionally branch into other subjects as well.


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