Strange Places: Fort Myers

I have been shut in my house for two weeks, battling the flu and hiding from the plummeting temperatures. Since I haven’t been on any new adventures, I decided to dig up some some sunshine from a trip I took to Florida in 2009 with my husband to visit some of my in-laws

We spent most of the time cruising around the 65+ community we were staying in on a golf cart and hanging out at an empty pool the residents had deemed “the cold one” out of the three available. It was heated.

We did venture out of the community and spend a little time at the beach and a funky roadside attraction called The Seashell Factory. It had a small zoo, bird aviary, taxidermy collection, and a large outdoor display of weathered concrete dinosaurs. Definitely an unusual was to kill a few hours when visiting family.

How are you coping with winter?


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