Strange Events: July 24th-July 30th

Every week I look for new shows, movies, and documentaries to enjoy after work during the week. I try to narrow it down from the high volume of entertainment available to a range of things with a strange twist to them. I also try to keep an eye out for astronomical events, and interesting dates in history. Enjoy, and let me know what you watch!

July 24th

Alien Sharks: Stranger Fins- 10 p.m., Discovery Channel 

Scientists travel to different pats of the world to track down saw sharks, goblin sharks, and the glowing lantern shark.

Gone (Investigation Discovery, new true-crime series)

1824- The Aru Pennsylvanian publishes the results of the first opinion poll– showing Andrew Jackson with a clear lead for president.

July 25th

Sharks and the City: L.A. 9 p.m., Discovery Channel

Great whites are beginning to prowl and hunt off the coast of L.A., and Dr. Chris Lowe travels all the way to Guadalupe Island to find out why.

July 26th

1883- Outlaw “Black Bart” makes his final getaway stealing a safe box from a Wells Fargo stagecoach

July 27th

Shark Swarm- Discovery Channel

Dr. Tristan Gutteridge investigates why sharks gather and swarm, and what goes on when they do.

July 28th

Atomic Blonde out in theaters

Watch Charlize Theron crush it as spy Lorraine.

Lair of the Sawfish- 10 pm, Discovery channel

Experts shed light on one of the ocean’s strangest sharks, and Work to bring them back from the brink of extinction.

Earth’s moon aligns by Jupiter in the early evening sky. 

July 29th

In 1914, The Cape Cod Canal is opened in Massachusetts. 

July 30th

1935 The first Penguin paperback book is published.

Keep an eye out for shooting stars from the Southern Delta Aquarid meteor shower peaking in the early hours before dawn.


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