Strange Places: Highway 49

This week is a little different, because I’m highlighting a roadway instead of a destination. 

Highway 49 is a part of a connector with Highway 64 that creates the shortest driving distance between Charlotte and Raleigh, the two largest cities in North Carolina. Starting in South Carolina, it winds past sprawling farms, rivers, lakes, and the edge of the Uwharrie Mountains before joining Highway 64 in Asheboro. Not only is it designated a North Carolina Scenic Byway, it is also one of the few highways that retains it’s number in more than two states.

Highway 49 is also the main route to a few of the places I’ve featured previously, Reed Creek Gold Mine, North Carolina Zoo, and the UNC Botanical Garden. I’ve love driving it  not only because it is scenic and relaxing, but because I always find new places to stop and explore. 

My most recent discovery was an antique mall I hadn’t noticed before on my way to a bridal shower in Raleigh. I stopped on the way home, and realized I had discovered the White Owl, one of the largest antique malls in the south.A former textile mill in Mt. Pleasant NC, it’s over 100,000 square feet filled with different venders. I barely made it through a third of the way through, but it isn’t too far from my home in Charlotte, so I plan on returning to treasure hunt another day. 


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