Strange Events: July 17th- July 23rd

Every week I look for new shows, movies, and documentaries to enjoy after work during the week. I try to narrow it down from the high volume of entertainment available to a range of things with a strange twist to them. I also try to keep an eye out for astronomical events, and interesting dates in history. Enjoy, and let me know what you watch!

July 17th

Loaded- AMC 

New show following the highs and lows of acquiring new wealth, founded by the friendship of the four main characters. 

Keep an eye out for the planet Mercury, which will be visible 30 minutes after sundown, low in the western sky

July 18th

1992 – A picture of Les Horribles Cernettes was taken, which became the first ever photo posted to the World Wide Web.

July 19th

Carmen- Encore Broadcast in theaters one night only. 

If you’ve never seen an opera before, this is the one to start with. Groundbreaking and controversial when first performed, it’s story of seduction and tragedy still resonates today.

July 20th

If your up early for work, look for Venus to rise next to the crescent moon at twilight.  Venus will be shining brightly and easy to see. 

Moon Day- commemorates the day man first walked on the moon in 1969.

July 21st

Ozark- Netflix 

Netflix’s newest offering stars Jason Bateman as a desperate money manager trying to “clean” 8 million dollars for the drug lord he secretly works for.

July 22nd

Gone: The Forgotten Women of Ohio- Spike

Oscar nominated documentarian Joe Berlinger works to shed light on a growing number of women who have gone missing in a small Ohio town.
July 23rd

Shark Week begins! Sunday’s highlight is Shark-Croc showdown, following sharks and crocodiles as they battle over sea turtles off the coast of Australia. 


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