Strange Events: July 9th-16th – Ghosts, Geekness, and Game of Thrones

Every week I look for new shows, movies, and documentaries to enjoy after work during the week. I try to narrow it down from the high volume of entertainment available to a range of things with a strange twist to them. I also try to keep an eye out for astronomical events, and interesting dates in history. Enjoy, and let me know what you watch!

July 10th
Ghosts of Shepherdstown (Investigation Discovery, Season 2)

Hear the personal stories of residents in the most haunted town in America, and the effect the relentless calls have on the towns small police force.

July 11th

American Ripper (History, new limited docuseriesies)

An 8 episode series that explores the possibility that serial killer H.H. Holmes was Jack the Ripper

Cosi Fan Tutte encore in theaters

One night only encore of Mozart’s opera performed at The Met.

July 12th

Cheap Eats (Cooking Channel, Season 3)

Follow Ali Kahn as he travels to different cities and grabs three meals and a snack with a $35 budget. 

July 13th

Embrace Your Geekness Day

I plan on celebrating by rewatching my favorite episodes of Game of Thrones and planning a feast worthy of Kings Landing for Sunday’s premiere.

July 14th

To the Bone (Netflix) – movie

Originally premiering at Sundance, To The Bone follows the struggles of a woman with anorexia with an edge of dark humor 

July 15th

Catch up on some of the classic movies streaming on Netflix this month, including Titanic and E.T. 

July 16th

Game of Thrones (HBO, Season 7)

The wait is over- winter is here. The struggle for the Iron Throne continues in this seven episode season.  


4 thoughts on “Strange Events: July 9th-16th – Ghosts, Geekness, and Game of Thrones

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  1. I’m definitely looking forward to that movie “To the Bone”. I watched the trailer and it looks really good. WINTER IS HERE!!! I’ll be watching on Sunday right with you for sure! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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