Strange Events: July 3rd – July 9th

Usually I collect a weeks worth of interesting shows, astrological events, and dates in history to get thought the work week. However, I am on vacation for part of this week thanks to the Forth of July weekend, and like many holiday weekends, options for new entertainment are a little thin. Instead opportunities to catch up on an older show or movie series abound. Below are my recommendations- I’ll be back next week with a full schedule of fresh entertainment.

The Twilight Zone Marathon- Syfy, July 4th and 5th

 Beginning in the early hours of the Fourth of July, this marathon will include classic episodes such as “Time Enough At Last” and “Nothing in the Dark.” 

Independence Day marathon- E! July 4th

Six consecutive showings of the alien invasion classic start at 6 am.

Rocky marathon- Sundance, July 4th

The first 5 movies featuring Sylvester Stallone as boxer Rocky Balboa start running at 3:30pm. 

Available for binging on Netflix: 

Riverdale- A darker take on the Archie comics, watch and unravel the mystery that starts with a death the morning  of July 4th.

Longmire- Catch up on the exploits of sheriff Longmire as he solves crimes with his three deputies, and best friend Harry Standing Bear while navigate a tricky relationship with the neighboring Cheyenne reservation in Wyoming.

Lost- The ground breaking sci if show following survivors of a plane crash on a island full of mysteries.

Twin Peaks- Watch as a small town grapples with one question: “Who killed Laura Palmer?” 

Better Off Ted- Employees at a relentless corporate conglomerate try to balance their own moral codes against strange job assignment and a soulless corporate hierarchy. 

Death in Paradise- Dry British detective solves crime in the Caribbean 


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