Strange Events: June 5th – 11th

Today I’m trying out something new here on Everyday Strange. I usually try to set myself up with something to look forward to long term, like a vacation or tickets to a show, but often those are events that are far into the future. I’ve been challenge myself to find things to look forward to during the work week, and decided to turn them into a weekly feature here. I’m focusing on unusual TV shows, documentaries, foreign films, holidays, and other strange events to enjoy after a day at work. Check back each week, I plan to keep growing this to include even more!

Monday- June 5th

If You’re Not in the Obit, Eat Breakfast out on HBO

Whose Line is it Anyways- CW

Tuesday- June 6th

Season two of States of Undress returns on Viceland

Wednesday- June 7th

Lucha Underground- El Rey Network

Name Your Poison Day- Mine will be apple pie moonshine with a dash of apple cider

Thursday- June 8th

Shimmer Lake out on Netflix
Queen of the South, Season 2- USA Network 

Sin City Justice- Investigation Discovery

Micromoon- The moon will appear 25% smaller then usual. 

Friday- June 9th

Black Snow and Havenhurst out on Netflix 

Dark Matter, Season 3- Syfy

Saturday- June 10th

Orphan Black, final season- BBC America

Sunday- June 11th

The Tony Awards


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