Strange Places: Lincoln Memorial and Arlington National Cemetery 

When my husband planned our trip to Washington DC, he crammed about 7 days of sightseeing into four. We went everywhere, from the White House, a bus tour through Georgetown, and several Smithsonian Museums. I could never cover it all in one post. 

One of the many highlights on that trip was the Lincoln Memorial. It was as large and epic in person as it looks in pictures. A truely fitting tribute for a real life hero. I was really tempted to try to edit out the people in my shots, but didn’t, they give a sense of scale to the enormity to the monument. 

When you step out on the steps, you can stand in the same place as Martin Luther King Jr. when he spoke at the Million Man March. Look out, and and you will see the reflecting pool and Washington Monument. 

Nearby is the Vietnam Veterans Memorial and Korean War Memorial, both powerful tributes to servicemen and women who fought during both wars. A guide to visiting all of these memorials is here.

Just across the Potomac River is Arlington National Cemetery. 624 acres of land were seized during the Civil War have dedicated to the burial of those lost during conflicts ever since. It it the resting place of John F. Kennedy, and his brothers Robert and Ted. Arlington also includes the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. Meticulously guarded by soldiers that relieve each other every hour, the Changing of the Guard is a moving experience that really can’t be put into words. 


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  1. I remember when my husban and I first visited D.C. We truly did not realize how big Lincoln was until we were there! It was a wonderful experience. Beautiful pictures 🙂

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  2. Very interesting photos of both places. I was in DC in 2015 and had visited these places a number of times. They are absolutely fascinating places in DC, and a must visit to get the sense of human history and the agony of war and skirmishes.

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