Dark Chocolate Blood Orange Cake

My entire household has been fighting off a monstrous cold for the past week, so I decided we all needed a pick me up with a little extra vitamin C. Blood oranges won't be in season much longer, so it seemed like the perfect time to try the blood orange cake I found over at... Continue Reading →


Libations: Sweet Lime Mint Limeade

Since my blood orange lemonade turned out so well, I decided to try a limeade recipe next. I've had my eye on the sweet limes at a local international grocery store, and decided to pick some up to try in a limeade. Since I'm a huge mojito fan, I snagged some mint to add in... Continue Reading →

Weird at Work Wednesday: Valentine’s Day 

I'm cheating a little, because I wore this yesterday for Valentine's Day. It's a challenge sometimes to be festive at work  for a holiday and be true to my own style, but I think I found the right balance with a black rose pin and black scarf with a red rose print. 

The Mantle of Advice

I never thought of the fireplace mantle in a home as a focus of self expression until I owned my own. I figured I would hang something over mine eventually, but it was not priority over my initial projects in the house, which were painting over dated wallpaper and exorcising cat hair.  When I first... Continue Reading →

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