Death Star Catchall Tray

  I've been losing my phone constantly in my own house, a consequence of having a black phone, couch, and end tables. I bought a gray tray to keep track of my phone and other small black items I keep misplacing, but it was a little plain.    To make it more interesting, I decided... Continue Reading →

Bacon Marmalade

I've committed myself to trying new recipes this year, which of course means turning to Pinterest. I found this bacon marmalade recipe originally posted on It was created to top brussel sprouts, but my thought process was more like, bacon-->breakfast-->bagels!!! I've never cooked a topper like this before, and was a little intimidated by... Continue Reading →

Music From a Galaxy Far Far Away

Last weekend I hit the pinnacle of Star Wars fandom at the Charlotte Symphony, taking in a performance showcasing music from all seven films. Conductor Christopher James Lees took pauses between some of the pieces to give the audience background and insight to some of the pieces featured.  I personally gained a new appreciation for... Continue Reading →

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